Quantum Diamond Atomic Force Microscope – QDAFM

High-sensitivity magnetic imaging with 10nm spatial resolution

The Quantum Diamond Atomic Force Microscope has applications in physics, spintronics, materials science, life sciences, etc.

  • CIQTEK quantum diamond atomic force microscope QDAFM - Scanning NV Magnetometer

    Key Features

    • High quality diamond probes
    • High magnetic field sensitivity - 1µT/√Hz
    • High spatial resolution - 10nm
    • Excellent time accuracy - 50ps

Based on quantum sensing using a nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centre in diamond and AFM scanning imaging technology, QDAFM, also known as a scanning NV magnetometer, is a non-destructive technique that can reveal the magnetic properties of the material down to 10 nm spatial resolution with ultra-high sensitivity. Measurements can be done under ambient or cryogenic conditions supporting a myriad of applications in the field of physics, spintronics, materials science, and life sciences.


The QDAFM is designed for non-invasive, high-sensitivity, magnetic field imaging with nanoscale spatial resolution in areas such as:

  • Physics
  • Spintronics
  • Materials science
  • Life science
  • and more
  • Introduction to the Quantum Diamond Atomic Force Microscope

    Run time – 10:55 min

    This presentation looks at traditional magnmetic detection soluitions and then compares them to the scanning nitrogen vacancy (NV) magnetometer and describes its principle of operation, diamond probes, It also covers:

    • Imaging mode
    • Pulse mode
    • Flying mode
    • Sensitivity
    • resolution