QuiiN – Versatile Ion Implantation System

Nanoscale Quantum Ion Implanter

New easy to use platform with excellent ion precision placement and efficiency

  • Orsay Physics QuiiN Nanoscale Quantum Ion Implanter

    Key Features

    • Electrostatic SEM column – 4nm resolution @25keV
    • Choice of FIB columns and sources - Au, Ge, Si, N, Ar, O etc.
    • Motorised stage – Compucentric 5-axis
    • Main chamber vacuum - <9 x 10-3Pa
    • In situ heating stage - >950°C for in situ annealing during irradiation
    • Ports – 20+for detectors and other devices
    • In chamber SE detector – ideal for imaging samples without damage. Even at low current – Ideal for imaging samples without damage, even at low current
    • Orsay Physics Pegasus – Modular, customisable UI

QuiiN is a versatile ion implantation system designed for implantation applications and is ideal for research in quantum computers, semiconductors and other similar areas which require precision placement of ions into material structures.

The Pegasus user interface allows users to design their own implantation experiments. Furthermore, it offers unique milling strategies based on points, reducing beam impact and improving milling or deposition effectiveness.

FIB Columns

Orsay Physics offers 2 choices of new FIB columns. Both feature a beam current meter  allowing measurement down to femtoamps for precise dose implantation and are fitted with a Wien filter.

  1. Veloce – Suited to implantation of specific isotopes of gold, germanium or silicon
  2. iVeloce – Enables the use of various gases such as nitrogen, argon, oxygen, helium, xenon, or gas mixtures like CO2

Key Benefits

  • Fine-tune and create new materials surface characteristics – Unprecedented milling precision and isotope selection seamlessly using the Wien filter in our ion implantation tool
  • Activitate dopants, repair unwanted lattice damage and immediately enhance materials properties – Using in-situ annealing capabilities.
  • Seamless transitions and maximised research efficiency – Easily switch between species (N, Ar, O, He, Xe or gas mixtures) or (Au, Ge, Si), all from the same source
  • High quality production – Through precise system control and removal of the neutral charge you can ensure your resultants are free from photoluminescence artifacts, implantation irregularities and surface damage
  • Visualise and acquire clearer and more accurate resultants – Leveraging the advanced detection capabilities of YAP scintillators.
  • Precise control of the implantation depth – Through fine adjustment of the accelerating voltage from 5 keV to 30 keV.
  • Implant a specific ion of a chosen species – Adjust the dose precisely prior to the experiment using an ultra sensitive current measurement system.
  • Precisely locate and implant ions – QuiiN’s  SEM works in concert with  the FIB column for maximum accuracy
  • Tailored experiments and analytical routines – Easily customise your experiences using ORSAY PHYSICS’s open hardware and software platform