Orsay Physics

Customised focused ion and electron beam technology

  • With nearly 30 years of experience and leadership in the charged optic’s particles field, and more particularly in Focused Ions Beams (FIB) columns and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) as well as associated equipment such as Gas Injection Systems (GIS), Secondary Electron Detectors (SED), ORSAY PHYSICS allows you to:

    Reach a wide panel of equipment to analyse and visualise materials at a nanometric scale, whether concerning instruments (columns FIB/SEM, GIS…) as well as fully integrated and modular UHV FIB-SEM systems

    Acquire a customised product completely dedicated to your own needs or particular applications, designed in a powerful industrial logic (plug&play, automation, safety of use, reliability, compactness)

    Benefit from more than 30 experimented years in an advanced technology domain where the knowledge gathering, know-how, and industrial feedbacks are decisive.