Budget-friendly metal AM system

Great entry into laser powder bed fusion (LPBF)

  • Key Features

    • Small spot size - 80 µm
    • Layer thickness - Down to 10 µm
    • Build space - 140 mm dia
    • Options - Preheating device, process monitoring & alternate laser configurations
    • Materials compatibility - Caters for all weldable materials
    • Versatile - Configurable to suit your requirements

The AconityMINI is Acontiy3D’s entry-level AM system. It offers a build space of Ø 140 mm, (which can be optionally downsized to Ø 55 mm) and full access to all relevant process parameters. This makes it ideal for material research and fast part production and small batch runs.

The gas tight chamber produces low residual oxygen contents of < 100 ppm. Equipped with a strong recirculation, this system allows you to process highly reactive materials which generate large volumes of weld fumes.

The modular Aconity architecture allows the addition of options such as, 800°C preheating, process monitoring, as well as a unique vacuum option and a micro-configuration.

The AconitySTUDIO control software allows for full control of all relevant process parameters as well as remote access through the web-interface.

  • All
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Bioprinting
  • Computed Tomography
  • Fabrication
  • X-ray Imaging
  • X-ray Microscopy