We've pushed light past it's limit

Super Resolution Optical Microscopy

  • Key Features

    • Full Colour. Our microsphere lenses collect sub-diffraction information and project it into the far-field. Not only do they see in super-resolution, but in full colour.
    • Non-destructive. Unlike conventional super-resolution techniques our microscopes are none-destructive. Allowing you to image your sample multiple times without compromising its integrity.
    • Accessible to all. Because our microscopes are fully optical with super-resolution capability, they are easy to use for anyone familiar with conventional white-light microscopy.
    • Down to 50 nm. With the option of using SMAL, our microscopes can resolve lateral features down to 50 nm* depending on the sample.

A New Way of Seeing

Super-resolution Microsphere Amplifying Lens: SMAL 

We have redefined the smallest object that the eye can see, using the most popular form of imaging in the world: white light, optical microscopy. Our super-resolution technique pushes light past its theoretical limit, using optics to break the diffraction limit of light.

We want to democratise super-resolution, making it an accessible, easy to imaging technique, that doesn’t require a clean room, a huge power supply, complex sample preparation, or significant training.  Our super-resolution microscopes are not prohibitively expensive.


Whether you are a university, a start-up, or a multi-national it is our mission to make super-resolution imaging accessible to everyone.

Because our microscopes are purely optical they are non-destructive, they work with both metallic on and non-metallic samples, they are easy to use and resolve down to 50 nm (on certain sample types) in full, real, colour.

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