Model 2020 – Advanced Tomography Holder

Key Features

Key features of the Fischione Model 2020 Advanced Tomography holder include:

  • Ideal for room-temperature electron tomography
  • High-tilt angles
  • Optimised specimen clamping
  • Extended field of view
  • Easy, accurate specimen loading and centring

Large Field Of View At High-TILT Angles

The Advanced Tomography Holder is a revolutionary room-temperature specimen holder for transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The high-tilt and extended field of view capabilities allow data collection over wide-tilt and translation ranges, even in restrictive pole-piece gap geometries.

This level of versatility allows examination of the sample in 3 dimensions for SEM, while TEMs are restricted to only 2-dimensional information. In contract computed tomograpy (CT) builds 3-dimensional images using 2-dimensional data sets collected at various tilt angles. The advanced tomography holder is perfect for electron tomography in both physical and life sciences as well as any other applications requiring high levels of tilt.

Custom Clamping Mechanism Eliminates Shadows

A streamlined specimen clamping mechanism eliminates the shadowing associated with most holders at high-tilt angles. The clamping mechanism accepts a standard 3 mm diameter TEM specimen and accommodates a wide range of specimen thicknesses. The clamping mechanism can work across a broad range of sample thicknesses and the clamping load produces an even load across the sample.