Nanoimager Super-Resolution Microscope

Microscopy through a different lens

The complete package. The Nanoimager super-resolution microscope combines STORM, PALM, TIRF, HILO, Epi and smFRET in a single compact form factor.

  • Key Features

    • The most complete super-resolution system on the market. STORM, PALM, TIRF, HILO, EPI and smFRET in a single instrument
    • Lateral Resolutions below 20nm. Axial below 50nm
    • 100 fps full frame capture. Up to 2500 fps in cropped mode
    • 4 user selectable laser lines. Covering visible to nIR (405nm to 720nm)
    • Dual channel, simultaneous imaging. Less than 10nm channel mapping accuracy

Advanced Microscopy For All

The Nanoimager super-resolution microscope has been created by scientists, for scientists. It delivers the highest precision for single molecule and advanced imaging


The Nanoimager delivers dSTORM, TIRF, single particle tracking and more


Delivers the ultimate in precision, even at 20nm scale, by stabilising both drift and vibrations


Integrated analytics tools deliver faster, accessible data even before your task completes

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  • Atlastin1 protein walking along the ER in fibroblast cells.

    Atlastin1 protein walking along the ER in fibroblast cells, Sample provided by Dr. Christopher Obara, a postdoc in Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz lab, Janelia Farms

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