Direct Electron Help Increase Productivity with Mission Control Software

Direct Electron knows your productivity hinges not only on our high-performance hardware but also easy-to-use software and efficient algorithms that deliver rapid, impactful results. That’s why they have introduced their latest innovation: Mission Control Software!

Mission Control is compatible with the following Direct Electron direct detection EM cameras, and for anyone currently using them, they can be upgraded at anytime:

Direct Electron’s cameras offer a wide array of configurations for performing different types of experiments. Mission Control provides tools to enable the camera configurations to be rapidly changed. A tab-based layout aids users with navigation between the tasks of setting up the camera and acquiring data.

Acquisition Software for High-Resolution Images and Video

Mission Control allows users to acquire images or high-frame rate videos from their TEM specimen. With unlimited data streaming and real-time viewing of frames during data acquisition, Mission Control enables standard TEM imaging applications, in situ TEM, and experiments where post-acquisition motion-correction is needed.

Live Imaging with Simultaneous FFT

The ability to view information simultaneously in both real and reciprocal space is critical for optimizing imaging conditions, and can offer important information about the local structure of a specimen. Mission Control offers the ability to simultaneously display a live-view of both an image of the specimen, and a live-view of the fast Fourier transform (FFT) of the image.

Open Data Formats

At Direct Electron, we believe only you should control your data and we consequently avoid placing unnecessary restrictions on how our customers use and analyze images acquired with our cameras. Mission Control therefore supports the use of open, commonly used electron microscopy file formats such as .tif and .mrc so that users have complete freedom to import data to their choice of software, whether using open-source packages like Fiji, custom scripts, or third-party proprietary software.

API, SDK, & Compatible Third-Party Software

To maximise flexibility and compatibility, Mission Control enables acquisition and camera control via external software using a client-server model for those running a local or networked solution via Windows or Unix. Use our software development kit for easy and complete integration of our cameras in nearly any software using Python, C++ or C#.

In addition to allowing for integration into custom software for automated electron microscopy workflows, the API and SDK enable control via third-party software. Common third-party software packages actively being used with our cameras include Serial EM, CEOS Panta Rhei, Protochips Axon, and Leginon.

Modular Workflow Specific Expansions Available

For users of cutting-edge electron microscopy techniques, additional modules are available to add tools and simple workflows to help you obtain exquisite results.