Y.XMB 160 Mobile Radiographic Generator Set – 160kV Constant Potential Directional

The Y.XMB series of radiographic generators from Yxlon are versatile mobile systems that can be equipped with panoramic, directional and fan-beam x-ray tubes. They are available with different focal spot sizes in the following models:

Y.XMB 160

The Yxlon Y.XMB 160 mobile radiographic generator set is suited to a range of x-ray tubes tubes that can run from 7.5 to 160kV, producing up to 2.25kW of x-ray power.

Features at a Glance

  • Extremely high x-ray power
  • Access to confined spaces
  • Wide range of available x-ray tubes
  • Dual focal spot solution
  • Easy to handle

Applications and Operation

The range of available tubes allows a corresponding range of different beam shapes and focal spot sizes, opening up a host of potential applications from aircraft inspection to power plants.

The combination of extremely high power, compact x-ray tube mounted on a flexible x-ray cable enable the Y.XMB 160 to be used for the most challenging tasks in very confined spaces.

Design Features

Some of the other features that have been designed into the system to to improve usability include:

  • High voltage cables up to 20m long
  • Exposure duration can be adjusted from 0-99min
  • Infinity exposure is available for radioscopy
  • Broad mA range available depending on the x-ray tube

The safety of both the operator and nearby people is paramount and the Y.XMB models have been designed in accordance with the strictest radiation safety standards.

Key Features

Weight184 kg (approx)
Height x Depth1630 x 980 mm
Width of Axis600 mm
High Voltage Adjustment7.5 - 160 kV
mA Adjustment0 - 20.0 mA
Max X-Ray Power2250 W
Cable Length10, 15 or 20 m
OptionsA range of accessories are available as well as a PC interface for RS232 remote operation
Power Supply240 V
Exposure Timer1 sec steps up to 10 min, 10 sec steps up to 99 min or infinity
EnvironmentIP54: 0°C up to 40°C and 90% relative humidity
CertificatesCE: DIN 54113, Roentgenverodnung, EN 60204-1, EN 50178, EN 55011 and EN 61000-6-2
NF C 74-100

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