Environmental Express® Katanax® X-300 Fusion Fluxer

A robust, easy to use electric fusion instrument

A tried and tested electric fusion machine with a robust design for speed and simplicity. Designed for 1 to 3 samples

  • Katanax X-300 automatic fluxer for XRf sample preparation

    Key Features

    • High throughput preparation of glass discs with 1, 2 or 3 samples at a time
    • Accurate temperature homogenisation across all 3 sample positions preventing hot spots
    • Crucibles and moulds both in the furnace giving optimal conditions for pouring
    • Easily programable for custom fusion methods and is also pre-programed with built-in methods for oxides, minerals, metals, alloys, sulfides, fluorides and more
    • Solutions Module with up to 3 beakers easily reconfigured between beads and solutions
    • Intuitive graphical interface with an easy icon touch-screen navigation
    • Virtually maintenance free and easy component access

Environmental Express® Katanax® X-300 Fusion Fluxer

The Katanax X-300 fusion Katanax® X-300 Fusion Fluxer machine is the next generation in electric fusion offering new enhanced features for unparalleled results. Our fluxers combine exceptional fusion accuracy with all the advantages of electric power combined with speed, simplicity and a robust design for the experienced or novice user.

  • Designed for 1 to 3 samples
  • High performance furnace
    • Heating elements impervious to flux
    • No exposed metal in furnace
    • Heats up quickly
  • Integrated auto-locking safety shield protects the user during the fusion process.
  • Low noise level during heating, melting and standby.
  • Easy clean, ceramic mould holders inert to flux.
  • Mould holder system is user-configurable to 30, 32, 35 or 40mm moulds.
  • Extraction chimneys allows for direct ventilation of halogens from each crucible position.
  • Control panel is adjustable to user’s height and features a USB connection for firmware updates.
  • A video showing the multi use fluxer for between 1 and 3 samples

  • Crucibles and moulds are in the furnace at the same time giving optimal pouring conditions. This ensures ultimate reproducibilty and accuracy

  • The Dynamic Temperature Profile (DTP) ensures even temperature everywhere in the furnace. This ensures ultimate reproducibility with no hot spots that could create more flux evaporation and therefore wrong results (from a higher concentration of sample in melt.

    The heating elements are impervious to flux and chemical projections.

    Individual elements have automatic power compensation with a fast heat up from cold (<15 mins)

  • Fused peroxide, pyrosulphate or borate melts can be poured into teflon beakers ready for dissolution for AAS/ICP analysis. Optional variable-speed embedded solutions stirrer available and crucibles made from zirconium or platinum can be used.

    Switching from solutions to disc and back again is quick and easy.

  • XRF sample beads

    Perfect glass discs for XRF everytime

  • All
  • CL
  • CLEM
  • EBSD
  • EDS
  • Electron Beam Lithography (EBL)
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Fusion
  • In situ
  • Micro XRF
  • Microscopy
  • Sample Preparation
  • SEM
  • WDS
  • XRF