Shattering high voltage pulsed power

Cleave your material to cleanly separate all the different components from zircons and diamonds in rocks to e-waste

  • The SELFRAG Lab, laboratory fragmenter that utilises high voltage pulse power technology.

    Key Features

    • SELFRAG is selective fragmentation using high voltage pulsed power A 'bolt of lightening' is passed through the sample causing it to shatter along the boundaries of different material phases.
    • Preferentially reduces mixtures to individual components before reducing the particle size of a pure component. inclusions are liberated keeping the host material large
    • For highly crystalline material the impurities will be liberated first whilst keeping the size of the pure quartz crystals large.
    • Separate zircons, diamonds, gemstones and industrial minerals from the host rock
    • Separate recycling and e-waste into the individual components


  • The SELFRAG Lab is a small scale batch process selective fragmentation system. It is ideal for for extracting zircons for geochronology studies, gemstones from their host rock in addition to investigative work to upscale to a larger continuous SELFRAG system.
  • The reaction chamber can be a closed vessel or have a screen fitted to the base of the vessel where fine disaggregated material falls through the screen allowing the oversize to remain in the reaction zone.
  • The machine operates in batch mode for up to 1 kg of sample at a time.
  • Maximum initial sample size 40mm.
  • Overview of the SelFrag Lab Fragmenter

    Run time 8:42min

    This short video gives you a complete overview of the SelFrag Lab high voltage pulsed power fragmentation system. It provides a description of the machine and how it works, operation and benefits of the process compared to more traditional crushing and grinding operations.

  • The SELFRAG Lab is a batch process for up to 1kg of material

    Ideal for:

      • Geochronology studies,
      • Gemstones from their host rock
      • Investigative work to upscale to a larger continuous SELFRAG system