ZSX Primus III NEXT – Powerful Tube Above XRF

The ZSX Primus III NEXT delivers rapid quantitative analysis of major/minor elements (to ppm levels) with the benefits of tube above optics.

  • rigaku zsx primus III nEXT tube avove XRF spectrometer

    Key Features

    • Tube-above configuration - Minimises chances of contaminants landing on opticak components resulting in improved reliability and robustness
    • Elemental range - Be to Cm
    • ZSX Guidance software - In line with other Rigaku XRFs
    • Faster analysis - Integrated D-MCA and scheduler increase throughput
    • Sample changer - 48 position
    • Atractive pricing

Rigaku’s ZSX Primus III NEXT delivers rapid quantitative determination of major and minor atomic elements (down to ppm levels), from Be through Cm, for solid samples – with minimal standards. It features Rigaku’s unique tube above XRF optics. The newly added digital multi-channel analyser (D-MCA) increases quantitative analysis throughput by 21% making it ideal for industrial and process/quality control applications.


The ZSX Primus III NEXT is an idealy suited to industrial application including:

  • Minerals and Mining
  • Metals
  • Cement
  • Ceramics and Refractories
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chemicals
  • Environment

Tube Above XRF Optical Configuration

Rigaku’s tube above XRf configuration makes it the obvious choice if you are analysing pressed powders. The tube above XRF configuration eliminates the possibility of sensitive optical components becoming contaminated by dust and other debris which would can result in distorted measurements and expensive downtime and cleaning by trainined engineers.