Direct Electron Launch World’s Fastest 4D STEM Detector

Direct Electron, the world’s leader in direct detection TEM cameras have launched Celeritas, the world’s fastest 4D STEM detector. It is a revelation in 4-dimensional Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, allowing microscopists to capture 1MP STEM images in 10 seconds, that would take 15 to 20 minutes on conventional systems, paving the way for true dynamic studies to be performed.

Direct Electron Celeritas 4D STEM direct detection TEM camera

4D STEM is a cutting-edge analytical technique that allows researchers to explore the structure of materials, capturing full electron diffraction patterns. This enables the visualisation of atoms that are otherwise difficult to see with conventional STEM cameras. The resultant data provides valuable information about crystal orientation, strain, electric and magnetic fields and other important features.

Celeritas is powered by Direct Electron’s direct detection technology. With capture speeds of up to 87000 frames per second, it is as much as 100 times faster than conventional 4D STEM detectors at resolutions up to 1024 x 1024 pixels. Its direct detection operating principal results in ultra-low noise producing clearer images and versatility, making it ideal for advanced STEM, 4D STEM, ptychography, and compressive sensing

Celeritas makes an ideal high-impact, cost-effective upgrade for existing TEM camera. In addition to 4D STEM, it provides ultra-fast sub millisecond in situ TEM imaging. Other reasons to consider it as a replacement for your existing camera include higher dynamic range, up to 10 times more than monolithic active pixel sensor direct detectors.

Speaking about the launch of Celeritas, Bob Monteverde, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Direct Electron said, “4D STEM is an important technique that is growing in popularity. We had spoken to many researchers who wanted to use it but speed was an issue. We listened to them and based on their feedback, we worked with a number of researchers to apply our direct detection technology to this application. This resulted in the development of Celeritas, from the Latin word for speed. It represents a paradigm shift in 4D STEM, enabling researchers to complete experiments that normally took hours, in just minutes.”

Cerelitas is now available for sale from AXT, Direct Electron’s distributor in Australia and New Zealand. It complements AXT’s existing portfolio of TEM-related product lines including DENSsolutions in situ TEM platforms and TESCAN FIBs and plasma FIBs for TEM sample preparation.