Celeritas – 4D STEM Camera On-Demand Webinar

Learn about the benfits and applications of Celeritas

Celeritas is Direct Electron’s new 4D STEM camera. 4D STEM is a cutting-edge technique that uses the richness of information available in STEM for exploring the structure of materials. However, until now researchers have had limited choices for 4D STEM detectors.

Previous generation 4D STEM detectors took about 15-20 minutes to capture a one-megapixel STEM image, which is far too slow to be practical. In this webinar Dr. Benjamin Bammes and Dr. Barnaby Levin will tell you about the benefits of Celeritas and its applications.

Direct Electron Celeritas 4D STEM direct detection TEM camera
Direct Electron’s Celeritas 4D STEM camera that can be retrofitted to most TEMs.

The name Celeritas comes from the Latin word for speed, and we could not think of a better word to describe a camera. Celeritas represent a significant step forward for 4D-STEM. What’s new is that it employs a new direct detection sensor technology built for speed. This makes it the world’s fastest 4D STEM camera with speeds up to 100x faster than other cameras.