High Resolution 3D Printing on a Budget

Are you looking to go beyond the limits of filament printing but are afraid of the capital outlay required to go to the next level?


Are you wanting to produce parts with a surface finish that looks like they have been injection moulded?

Rest assured we have solutions for you.

High resolution 3D printed manifold produced using a MiiCraft DLP 3D Printer
High resolution 3D printed jewellery parts produced using a MiiCraft DLP 3D Printer
High resolution 3D printed part produced using a MiiCraft DLP 3D Printer

The Alpha and Prime 4K from MiiCraft offers 58µm and 38µm resolution repectively. They both use DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology and industrial grade optics developed by their parent company, Young Optics to achieve these printed resolution.

Miicraft have also made the transition from filament printing to DLP simply with its easy-to-use interface which allows you to produce components with excellent uniformity and surface finish, without the need for post processing. The software also supports integration with third-party CAD software packages so you can easily bring in your designs and continue working with your existing CAD package.

Get up and running quickly with polymers from Miicraft’s range and as you progress, their open architecture allows you to design or work with your own materials as the system is compatible with a wide range of resin types. Furthermore, with no calibration required, you will be up and microfabricating in no time and enjoying the added freedom that DLP technology brings, while producing components that look like they have come off a production line and not printed in a garage.

The Alpha makes an excellent transition into DLP printing for those on a tight budget, where resolution is more of a priority over throughput and space is an issue.

This system is very affordable. Contact us for pricing.

MiiCraft alpha budget-friendly 3D printer - DLP

If you have a bit more budget and higher throughput requirements, then the Prime 4K is for you. It also comes with higher resolution capabilities, also in a compact benchtop form factor.

Miicraft Prie 4K high resolution DLP resin printer - DLP

When you have proven that DLP is what you need to produce the parts you want and you need to scale up production, then you should graduate to the Profession.

Miicraft Profession - High resolution high throughput 3D printer for industrial applications - DLP

If you crave even higher resolution we also have systems available from Boston Micro Fabrication (down to 2µm resolution also using DLP resolution) and UpNano (down to 170nm using 2 photon polymerisation 2PP technology).