AXT Add New Products for Semiconductor Research and Quantum Computing

AXT is excited to announce that it has broadened its product portfolio and is now catering more to the growing semiconductor research community. This development is a result of the new distribution agreement signed with CIQTEK which will see AXT distributing their Quantum Diamond Microscopes and Quantum Diamond Computer for Education.

CIQTEK Quantum diamond microscope
CIQTEK’s Quantum Diamond Microscope.

CIQTEK are developers and manufacturers of world-leading quantum precision measurement technologies. Established in 2016 they have rapidly grown and currently have over 700 employees of which 70% are in their R&D team and have over 800 customers around the world. They originated from the Key Laboratory of Microscale Magnetic Resonance of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China and are responsible for  over 200 patents, software copyrights and intellectual property assets (pending and granted).

CIQTEK’s Quantum Diamond Microscope (QDM) is a wide-field magnetic resonance instrument  based on the principle of spin magnetic resonance in the diamond nitrogen-vacancy centre (NV centre). It offers ultra-high spatial resolution (up to 400nm), high sensitivity (5μT√HZ per pixel) fast imaging and a large field of view (1mm x 1mm). Ideally suited to characterisation of semiconductors, it also has applications in geology and cell biology.

Their Quantum Diamond Computer for Education is a teaching instrument based on the diamond’s spin magnetic resonance of the nitrogen-vacancy centre. The desktop design makes it easy to adapt to classrooms, laboratories, and other settings for conducting quantum mechanics and quantum computing experimental courses, while the ability to ability to operate at room temperature (i.e. no cryogenic cooling is necessary) almost negates operating costs.

Richard Trett, AXT’s Managing Director commented, “semiconductors and quantum computing are prioritised national growth areas in Australia. CIQTEK’s products are essential to these areas of research and we hope to remain ahead of the demand for our community, offering them cutting-edge tools so they can continue to push the boundaries of science.”

CIQTEK’s Senior Quantum Engineer, Dr. Eric Xu replied, “we see the growth potential in Australia and we share AXT’s vision and look forward to working with them to satisfy the needs of Australian researchers”.

AXT currently represents over 50 suppliers from around the world. Their portfolio caters for materials science, life science, mining and mineral and non-destructive testing. For more details, please visit