SMART EVO Panoramic Radiographic Tube Heads from YXLON

The Panoramic SMART EVO tube heads provide a panoramic 38˚ x 360˚ X-ray beam making the ideal solution for applications such weld seem inspection of cylindrical vessels and pipelines. The panoramic tube heads join the Red Dot Award winning directional, fine focus and water/hybrid cooled SMART EVO systems.

Panoramic Tube Heads

The YXLON range of panoramic tube includes 2 models.


The SMART EVO 200P offers high penetration power thanks to 30 – 200 kV and 750 W constant potential X-ray power. This system is ideally suited to a range of inspection jobs where reliability and performance is required.


The SMART EVO 300P has been designed for heavy duty inspection jobs requiring the highest levels of performance. The 300P features a combination of 300 kV and 750 W constant potential X-ray power for maximum penetration.

Key Features

In line with the other award winning SMART EVO systems, the SMART EVO panoramic tube heads include a host of features that will ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Robust and Reliable Operation

All YXLON tube heads are designed and built in Denmark with the best components and assembled with the utmost care. Their construction features a high quality metal ceramic X-ray tube and the robust composite casing that has been engineered to protect all vital. This combination results in a reliable, long lasting and intelligent investment.

The systems meet the IP65 standard, making them suitable for operationl in dusty and wet conditions.

Ergonomic Design

SMART EVO tube heads have been designed with operators in mind. Design engineers have created units that are compact and lightweight making them easier to handle and position in the field.

Smooth and reliable operation is afforded by their broad operating temperature range (from -20°C to +50°C) which also makes them suitable for use in extreme environments. The intuitive interface allows for a smarter workflow.


The Panoramic tube heads can easily be converted to directional operation using the re-engineered three-part lead belt that is easy to mount. It features as standard a 38˚ x 60˚ slit option allowing for directional use if required.

High Performance

YXLON SMART EVO panoramic tube heads have been built to meet the highest international safety standards. All units are individually tested and measured to ensure operator safety is maintained.

Weight (kg)2836
Height (mm)665804
Focal Spot Size EN 12543 (mm)0.4 x 4.00.4 x 4.0
High Voltage Adjustment (kV)30 - 20050 - 300
mA Adjustment0.5 - 6.00.5 - 4.5
Max X-Ray Power (W)750750
Beam Angle (°)38 x 36038 x 360
Leakage Radiation (mSv/h)Max. 2.0Max. 5.0
Temperature Range (°C)-20 to +50-20 to +50
Cont. Exposure 35°C (Max kV and mA)Min. 1hr
Min. 1hr
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Founded over 70 years ago, Force Technology are Scandinavia’s largest inspection company who also have operations all over the world. Tobias Schaldemosse has been an NDT inspector with them since 2011 and he shares his SMART EVO 300P experiences with us.

On this particular day, Tobias was inspecting compensators at a compensator factory near Esbjerk in Denmark with an YXLON SMART EVO 300P panoramic tube head. The compensators themselves are 6m in diameter but only 8mm thick.

Setting up for the days work is quick and simple. The SMART EVO 300P just needs 10 minutes to warm up. Similarly, the 3-piece lead belt lead just snaps into place to help you get up and running more expeditiously.

The system itself is plug-and-play, with the touchscreen on the EVO Control unit providing an easy way in which to assist operators. The user interface also allows quick access to all the main settings which are all easily modified. The history log also allows operators to quickly browse the instrument’s history files so he can quickly get up and running, e.g. where his colleague left off the shift before.

The panoramic nature of the system also allows Tobias to inspect the pipe welds across the entire structure in one shot.

“The high performance of the X-ray system is vital for both time consumption and effectiveness”, says Tobias and elaborates: “The 750 watt makes it possible to effectively expose very thick materials. All-in-all the SMART EVO 300P makes my job easy and effective”.

Other great features that make the SMART EVO 300P easy to use are the 6 lasers which aid positioning and alignment and the significant weight reduction.

The SMART EVO 300P is a high performance radiographic instrument. With 750W of constant potential X-ray power, 38×360° beam angle with 0.5×5.5mm focal spot, this system becomes the obvious choice for the most challenging vessel and pipe inspection jobs.

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