NanoOne Bio

3D printing of living cells with unprecedented precision

The NanoOne Bio heralds a new era in bioprinting for biomedical research allowing you to create cell models that mimic natural tissue

  • UpNano NanoOne Bio hgh resolution bioprinter

    Key Features

    • Incubator - Controlled temperature, humidity and CO2 to suit specific cell types
    • Direct printing of living cells
    • Print cells in 3D - Ideal for cell culture, tissue regeneration and pharmaceutical research
    • Compact - Benchtop form factor
    • Versatile - Suits cell culture plates, Petri dishes or microfluidic chips with glass bottom

The NanoOne Bio builds on the the high-speed/high-resolution 2-photon polymerisation technology of the UpNano NanoOne 3D printer. With the addition of an incubator, it allows 3D printing of living cells.

Bioprinting Capabilities

UpNano’s materials allow the fabrication of structures and surface textures mimicking the microenvironment of cells. These three-dimensional culture approaches, and especially the results obtained from them, are becoming increasingly important in preclinical research and will be groundbreaking for future therapeutic strategies.

  • UpNano NanoOne Bio bioprinter applications

    Application Examples

    Some examples of bioprinted samples and experiements made possible by the UpNano NanoOne Bio bioprinter.

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