BIO X / BIO X6 – Extrusion Based Bioprinter

Intelligent Printheads for flexibility

The go-to bioprinter

  • Cellink Bio X extrusion bioprinter

    Key Features

    • Modular interchangeable intelligent printheads - 3 or 6 printheads
    • Compatibility - With virtually any material
    • Cell safety - Patented clean chamber with uncompromised sterility
    • Temperature-controlled printbed - From 4 to 60°C
    • Multi pressure setting - Enables coaxial printing
    • Integrated touchscreen interface - BIO X

The BIO X family of extrusion based bioprinters disrupted the bioprinting industry and elevated it to new heights. 3rd generation BIO X bioprinters feature refined manufacturing processes, rigorous quality control and the most advanced bioprinting software to date.


The CELLINK BIO X series bioprinters cater for up to 6 modular intelligent interchangeable printheads including:

  • Thermoplastic – Up to 250°C
  • Temperature controlled – 4 to 65°C
  • Syringe pump – Up to 65°C
  • Electromagnetic droplet – Up to 65°C
  • Pneumatic printhead – Up to 65°C
  • Photocuring toolhead

This range of printheads is continually increasing and each one is made to suit different biofabrication applications.

Clean Chamber Technology

Maintain sterility by leveraging built-in dual HEPA 14 filters and UV-C germicidal lights.


The BIO X series bioprinters are suitable for applications such as:

  • 3D cell culture
  • Organ-on-a-chip
  • Tissue models and engineering
  • Drug delivery
  • Soft robotics
  • Meet the BIO X Bioprinter

    Run time 1:12 min
    This short video gives you a quick overview of the BIO X system, including key features e.g. range of printheads and capabilities

  • BIO X6 : High-Throughput 3D Cell Culturing and Bioprinting

    Run time 1:58 min

    Print with cells and other organic materials.

    Print detailed living tissues, structures and organs using CELLINK’s bioconvergance technology integrating the latest scientific advances with biology, pushing through the current limitations of medical research using their vast range of bioinks. Specifically, the BIO X6 allows you to simultaneously print with 6 bioinks.

  • Coaxial Bioprinting with the BIO X6

    Run time – 7:11 min

    The Cellink BIO X6 allows coaxial printing straight out of the box. This enhanced bioprinting versatility using 2 or more inks enabling printing of complex structures with tailored properties.

  • Cellink - Drug Discovery and Disease Modeling enabled by bioprinting

    Drug Discovery and Disease Modeling

    Accelerate the development of life-saving drugs or therapies. With the BIO X Series, researchers can develop complex models that better capture in vivo biology to better understand diseases and evaluate the impact of drugs, without harming humans or animals.

  • Cellink - regenerative medicine enabled by bioprinting

    Regenerative Medicine

    With an emphasis on cell viability, the BIO X Series allow researchers to consistently print with sensitive cells like stem cells. Coupled with the extensive biomaterial portfolio, protocols can be developed to maintain the magic of stem cells and better understand the science of regeneration and differentiation.

  • Cellink - tissue engineering enabled by bioprinting

    Tissue Engineering

    With the ability to precisely control geometries and cell concentrations, significant breakthroughs are being made in the realm of engineering functional tissue. A promising future for organ shortages is on the horizon.