Dynamic Micro-CT Imaging Solutions from TESCAN

Micro-CT is becoming an extremely popular technology for 3D imaging of materials providing a deeper non-destructve understanding of structural beheviour. Before you buy your next micro-CT system, make sure you consider 4D or dynamic micro-CT. TESCAN have designed a range of true dynamic micro-CT’s, with high temporal resolution that takes their capabilities beyond the time-lapse studies offered in other systems.

By embracing these systems, you can perform continuous and uninterrupted CT scans at resolutions down to 600nm. Furthermore, the architecture of each system has been designed to incorporate a range of testing apparatus so you can perform long-term in situ studies, adding an extra dimension to conventional micro-CT systems, a feature that will increase the versatility of your asset and help futureproof your purchase.

Dynamic in situ Micro-CT Studies

Dynamic Observation During Mechanical Testing

metal foam deforming under load observed using dynamic micro-CT computed tomography CT
Metal foam undergoing compression testing .
dogbone sample undergoing tensile yesting onserved using dynamic micro-CT
Tensile testing a dogbone sample

Dynamic Micro-CT in Additive Manufacturing

Dynamic Micro-CT Observation of Beer Head Collapse

Dynamic Micro-CT Systems

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