AXT Add Vieworks Bio-Imaging Solutions to Their Preclinical Imaging Portfolio

AXT is excited to add the Vieworks range of bio-imaging systems to their preclinical imaging product portfolio. Their in-vivo imaging systems provide outstanding performance in bioluminescent and fluorescent imaging and represents excellent value. The VISQUE bio-imaging range will be an asset to medical researchers working in Translational Research such as drug discovery, cancer research and many more applications. 

vieworks Visque invivo smart bio-imaging systems

The Vieworks InVivo range of bio-imaging systems are designed to image small rodents using the optical imaging modalities of fluorescence and bioluminescence. They offer real-time imaging with a fast and sensitive sCMOS camera, in a compact form factor that can be easily integrated into any existing laboratory.

The Vieworks VISQUE InVivo Smart-LF can accommodate up to 9 emission filters for fluorescence at up to 37 frames per second making it ideal for dynamic studies. Vieworks intelligent image analysis software using patented algorithms is invaluable in the analysis of the data. Up to 3 mice can be imaged simultaneously for enhanced workflows. The VISQUE inVivo Smart-LF represents an excellent value proposition when compared to similar whole animal imaging systems.

Speaking about the new distributorship agreement with AXT, Mr. Seungki Hong, Sales Group Leader at Vieworks said, “We have installations around the world in institutions such as Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Fudan University in China and we now hope to expand further into the well-respected medical research facilities in Australia with the help of our partners at AXT”.

Richard Trett, Managing Director at AXT commented, “the current COVID-19 situation has highlighted the need for high-end medical research facilities and the Vieworks imaging systems would certainly be a valuable asset to any institution. We look forward to working with Vieworks and local researchers to install these systems in the near future.” 

AXT already have an extensive portfolio of preclinical imaging solutions that complement the Vieworks bio-imaging systems. For instance, AXT also offer other imaging modalities such as MRI, PET, optical tomography and CT from suppliers such as MR Solutions and TriFoil Imaging as well as the Medikors InAlyzer body composition analyser. Data from these systems can be correlated for more detailed studies and the resultant image files and data can be stored and managed using the Invicro Vivo Quant and IPACs software.