TriFoil Imaging Partners with Johns Hopkins University to Advance Pre-Clinical Optical Imaging Applications

TriFoil Imaging announced an application partnership with the Division of Cancer Imaging Research at Johns Hopkins University

Under the direction of Dr. Zaver Bhujwalla, Johns Hopkins researchers will use the 360° 3D fluorescence imaging capability in TriFoil’s InSyTe FLECT/CT system to develop sophisticated pre-clinical models for cancer research and treatment. 

Dr. Bhujwalla said “Using optical modalities deep inside the live mouse will enable us to target, image and investigate both disease mechanisms and treatments for a wide range of cancers.”

Aaron McCormack, President & CEO of TriFoil Imaging, said “we are delighted to announce this partnership with Johns Hopkins University and we are confident that full 3D fluorescent imaging can deliver new levels of insight for cancer researchers.”