(F)(L)uoresence (E)mmision (C)omputed (T)omography FLECT

The TriFoil Imaging InSyTe FLECT/CT is an in vivo imaging system for translational research that provides an alternative to traditional PET/CT

  • Trifoil FLECT CT in vivo Optical Imaging system

    Key Features

    • Compact Benchtop Design to fit into any laboratory
    • CT & FLECT in the same gantry seamless acquisition
    • 4 standard lasers and 5 NIR fluorescence emission filters for wide range of NIR
    • DICOM image output format for co-registration with other imaging modalities (i.e. PET, SPECT, MRI, etc.)

The InSyTe FLECT/CT is a dual-modality, preclinical molecular imaging platform that combines complete angle fluorescence tomography with X-ray CT. It is an alternative to PET/SPECT Imaging combined with CT without the need for nuclear probes.  Fluorescence data is acquired in two modes:

  1. 2D reflectance mode
  2. 360° (complete angle), acquiring optical images with InSyTe FLECT/CT

Optimised for detection of near infrared (NIR) fluorescence to enable deep tissue imaging capability in vivo, the InSyTe FLECT/CT is compatible with a wide variety of commercially available NIR-labelled probes and fluorescent dyes, allowing for investigation of a broad spectrum of research areas. Combined with the inline X-ray CT subsystem, the InSyTe FLECT/CT performs noninvasive, radioisotope-free, 3D tomographic imaging with anatomical reference and is easily installed in a standard research laboratory or preclinical imaging facility.

  • Introduction to the InSyTe FLECT-CT

    Run time – 1:05 min

    Check out how FLECT-CT and the TriFoil Insyte delivers the world’s only 360° 3D optical preclinical imaging solution.

  • Novel Applications of FLECT-CT

    Run time – 1:14 min

    FLECT-CT is an 3D optical preclinical imaging technology that enables you to see deep inside a mouse and opens up a wide range of new applications previously reserved for radio-nuclear modalities. Check out some of the possibilities this technology offers you in this short video.


  • FLECT-CT – Going Beyond the Limits of Preclinical Optical Imaging

    Run time – 9:23 min

    Dr Wesley Moy describes how TriFoil Imaging has revolutionized pre-clinical optical imaging using NIR fluorescent probes and a patented rotating gantry that collects photons from all angles simultaneously.

    This enables full 3-D tomography using fluorescent probes – researchers can see deeper and more precisely into the live mouse then ever before. As used by Harvard-MGH, Johns Hopkins University, Chinese Academy of Medical Science and the Russian Academy of Science and more.

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