X-ray topography imaging system, for the non-destructive evaluation of single-crystalline materials.

Fully Automated Topography Engineered for Performance

  • Key Features

    • High-brilliance dual-wavelength X-ray source: MicroMax-007 DW
    • High resolution CCD camera: XTOP (5.4 μm pixels
    • Ultra-high resolution CCD camera: HR-XTOP (2.4 μm pixels)
    • Horizontal sample mount for minimum artificial strain to wafers
    • Automatic wafer curvature correction for best dislocation image quality
    • Automated system operation including X-ray anode switch, detector switch, optics switch and alignment, sample alignment, and image collection
    • Automated dislocation analysis
    • 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 inch wafers supported
    • Wafer loader compatible

Rigaku XRTmicron is a fast, high-resolution laboratory X-ray topography system for non-destructive dislocation imaging. Various types of dislocations and non-uniformity within single crystal wafers (such as Si, SiC, GaN, Ge, GaAs, quartz, sapphire, rutile, calcium fluoride etc.) can be imaged across wafers up to 300 mm in diameter. X-ray topography is a widely used dislocation analysis technique for both research and development and process control by various single crystal, wafer and device manufacturers.

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