MiniFlex XpC

Bringing lab-quality performance to the manufacturing floor

The Miniflex XpC is an X-ray diffractometer designed specifically for quality control in cement plants and other industrial operations.

  • Rigaku MiniFlex XpC high throughput XRd for quality control

    Key Features

    • High throughput - High-power X-ray tube and large area detector reduce measurement times
    • Compact - World's smallest footprint for an online diffractometer
    • Automation ready - Compatible with sample loading robots
    • Horizontal sample - Sample kep horizontal with a θ-θ goniometer
    • Compatibility - 100% compatible with sample holders of major online system vendors
    • Simple operation - Uses new EasyX interface, 3 taps from measurement to analysis
    • Touchscreen interface

The Miniflex XpC is an X-ray diffractometer designed specifically for quality control in cement plants and other operations requiring online process control such as pharmaceuticals and batteries. It has been optimized for speed and accuracy, bringing lab-quality performance to the manufacturing floor.

With this in mind, the MiniFlex XpC allows you to process more samples faster, and to gain greater control over your process to ensure consistent quality of your final product. The system is characterized by streamlined operation, rapid analysis with pass/fail evaluation and the ability to automate and integrate with other complementary analytical instruments. The MiniFlex XpC offers the performance level of much larger systems, in the world’s smallest footprint for an online XRD.

Key Design Features

Analytical speed and accuracy are paramount in industrial operations. These factors have been addressed in the design of the MiniFlex XpC by using:

  1. A newly design compact, 800 W high-flux X-ray source and power supply
  2. World’s largest area/high-throughput 1D detector, enabling higher-intensity data collection
  3. Optimized  θ / θ sample geometry that maintains a horizontal sample orientation
  4. Streamlined user interface
  5. Compatibility with sample loading robots or conveyors
  6. Compact design that can easily be incorporated into existing operations
  7. A recently patented variable-width scattering slit minimizing background at lower angles
  8. Sample spinner that negates the effects of preferred orientation
  9. Uses industry standard steel ring sample holders

Streamlined Operation

In addition to sample loading automation, Rigaku has introduced EasyX, a simplified user interface that allows operators of any skill level to measure and obtain results in as few as three clicks. Built on the same comprehensive platform that underpins Rigaku’s most sophisticated XRDs like the SmartLab, EasyX provides simplified access to the functionalities required for routine QC workflows, including automated pass/fail analysis.

A user-friendly graphical user interface accessible via the optional touchscreen allows simple operation of the instrument as well as interpretation of the results.

Compact Design

The MiniFlex XpC has the smallest footprint (0.9 m2) of any instrument in its class. This specification includes the touchscreen user interface.

Online Quality Control

A newly developed sample loader makes the MiniFlex XpC ideal for QC operations. For applications with higher-throughput levels, the system can be integrated with a sample loading robot or a conveyor.

  • Overview of the Rigaku MiniFlex XpC

    Run time – 3:23 min

    This short video provides an overview of the MiniFlex XpC that is ideally suited to routine operations such as quality control (QC) in industries such as cement, pharmaceuticals, battery etc.
    For high throughput applications, there are innovative robots and sample loading conveyors to ensure you are running samples as efficiently as possible and keeping a close eye on the quality output of your operation.