The Unfair Advantage in XRD, XRR, SAXS, WAXS

The ultimate choice for central facilities, offering the ultimate in power/X-ray flux, versatility and ease of use, catering for the broad needs of users from multiple disciplines with an eye on demanding future applications.

  • Rigaku Smartlab XRD 9kW

    Key Features

    • Highest flux X-ray source: PhotonMax - Unrivalled 9kW power - second only to the synchrotron
    • In-plane arm (5-axis goniometer) - Your sample remains horizontal at all times - the only true way for surface analysis
    • HyPix-3000 high energy resolution 2D HPAD detector - 0D, 1D and 2D measurements from a single detector
    • New CBO family, with fully automated beam switchable CBO-Auto and high-resolution micro area CBO-μ - Exclusive Rigaku patented technology to broaden your applications palette
    • Operando measurements with SmartLab Studio II software - To guide you through setting up your instrument and collecting the best possible data for a given application
    • Wide variety of attachments - Many compatible stages catering for different sample types and experiments including dynamic studies e.g. air sensitive, high/low temperatures, DSC

Rigaku SmartLab is the newest and most novel high-resolution X-ray diffractometer (XRD) available today. Perhaps its most novel feature is the new SmartLab Studio II software, which provides the user with an intelligent User Guidance expert system functionality that guides the operator through the intricacies of each experiment. It is like having an expert standing by your side.

SmartLab – XRD engineered for performance

This new X-ray diffraction system features the PhotonMax high-flux 9 kW rotating anode X-ray source coupled with a HyPix-3000 high-energy-resolution 2D multidimensional semiconductor detector that supports 0D, 1D and 2D measure­ment modes, allowing all applications to be handled with a single detector, eliminating the inconvenience of preparing and switching individual detectors for different applications. The HyPix-3000 detector can be used to obtain 2D powder diffraction patterns, which can be processed to deliver superior qualitative analysis by using all the 2D pattern information.

The system incorporates a high-resolution θ/θ closed loop goniometer drive system with an available in-plane diffraction arm. The system’s new Cross-Beam-Optics (CBO) family feature fully automated switchable reflection and transmission optics (CBO-Auto).XRD designed for usabilityCoupling a computer controlled alignment system with a fully automated optical system, and the User Guidance functionality within the SmartLab Studio II software, makes it easy to switch between hardware modes, ensuring that your hardware complexity is never holding back your research.

  • X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis with advanced Guidance expert system software

    Guidance is an expert system within SmartLab Studio II that suggests the optimal hardware configuration and settings for specific application measurements. The software will determine
    which optics are most appropriate for a given application, determine the instrument settings and execute the measurement, offering a completely automated measurement sequence. Since SmartLab has built-in component recognition, Guidance will not only tell you how you should configure SmartLab for a given measurement, it will also warn you if you have not configured it properly. Expert advice coupled with hardware that will confirm the correct configuration is the foundation of the SmartLab system.

  • HyPix-3000

    Rigaku’s HyPix-3000 is a next-generation two-dimensional semiconductor detector designed specifically to meet the needs of the home lab diffractionist. One of the HyPix-3000’s unique features is its large active area of approximately 3000 mm² with a small pixel size of 100 μm², resulting in a detector with high spatial resolution. In addition, the HyPix-3000 is a single photon counting X-ray detector with a high count rate of greater than 10⁶ cps/pixel, a fast readout speed and essentially no noise.

  • Rigaku smartlab key features and applications

    SmartLab Features and Applications

    A quick recap of the key features and applications of the Rigaku SmartLab XRD.

  • All
  • Electron Diffraction
  • Micro XRD
  • Molecular Biology
  • Powder
  • Protein
  • Protein Crystallography
  • Small Molecule
  • Thin Film
  • XRD & Diffraction