AXT Adds NenoVision’s in situ AFM to Its Comprehensive Microscopy Portfolio

AXT have a strong commitment to the microscopy community and are always looking out for new and innovative products that can enhance microscopy research and workflows. The recent addition of NenoVision’s in situ AFM for SEMs certainly fits this requirement providing correlative imaging and analyses.

Nenovision LiteScope correlative AFM and SEM
The LiteScope in situ AFM for use in your SEM.

LiteScope from NenoVision is an elegant AFM that can be integrated into your existing SEM enabling you to simultaneously collect data from both instruments using Correlative Probe and Electron Microscopy or CPEM. This allows you to correlate SEM images with AFM data such as topography and mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties. Sophisticated software brings all this data together so you can rapidly get a comprehensive picture of your material,

The in situ design of the system accelerates workflows, but the real beauty lies in the ability to capture data simultaneously with high levels of accuracy, which means that all datasets are being captured under exactly the same experimental conditions. This avoids the potential for contamination or oxidation during transport from one instrument to the other.

Jan Neuman, CEO and co-founder of NenoVision said,

“Correlative microscopy techniques have become more popular with the growing demand for complex characterisation at the nanoscale level. NenoVision extends the already broad capabilities of SEM with LiteScope, which enables in situ measurement correlation of the mechanical, electrical, and magnetic properties of samples. We believe that our unique CPEM technology contributes to the ongoing revolution of correlative and multi-modal microscopy.”

Richard Trett, Managing Director at AXT commented,

“The addition of NenoVision’s Litescope further strengthens our standing as a comprehensive supplier of microscopy products. We pride ourselves in being able to bring new and innovative technologies to Australian researchers.”

For more details about NenoVision’s LiteScope and AXT’s extensive portfolio of microscopy products, including TESCAN’s range of SEMs, please visit