TESCAN Release First Dynamic Micro-CT with Sub-Micron Resolution 3D Imaging

TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING a.s. announces the release of its new UniTOM HR – the first dynamic micro-CT system to offer sub-micron resolution 3D non-destructive imaging for static studies and high temporal resolution for uninterrupted 4D dynamic CT experiments. UniTOM HR is ideal for both industrial and academic researchers that need micro-CT imaging to visualise a sample’s internal structure and also want to gain a deeper understanding of a sample’s behavior under certain environmental conditions.

“TESCAN’s dynamic micro-CT portfolio brings fast dynamic CT imaging from the cutting-edge synchrotron to the mainstream laboratory,” states Marijn Boone, product manager, TESCAN. “UniTOM brings together the most sought-after micro-CT capabilities, giving researchers a versatile solution that covers a broad range of 3D imaging and in-situ applications, handles a variety of sample shapes and sizes, and enables 4D time-resolved dynamic experiments.”

Dynamic muicro-CT captuted using the new TESCAN UniTOM HR - the first dynamic micro-CT system to offer sub-micron resolution 3D non-destructive imaging

UniTOM HR can characterise newly developed materials at the highest possible micro-CT spatial resolution, a requirement for sub-micron scale static 3D imaging. It can also provide researchers with a better understanding of how these new materials, and functional components created from these materials, will behave under changing conditions through real-time, not time-lapse, visualisations.

This dynamic capability sets UniTOM HR apart from other micro-CT instruments on the market. Boone adds, “Many time-dependent processes are unpredictable and capturing the most important aspects of the process may not be possible in an interrupted or time-lapse collection scheme. TESCAN has resolved this issue with its dynamic CT technology that collects data throughout the entire process, providing a wealth of information previously unavailable to researchers.”

TESCAN is the leader in developing dynamic micro-CT as a turnkey solution. TESCAN’s DynaTOM, the world’s first dedicated dynamic micro-CT for complex in-situ experiments, manages all cabling and tubing through an innovative design that eliminates wrapping or entanglement. TESCAN’s other dynamic micro-CT systems include UniTOM XL, for high-throughput experiments on a diverse range of samples, and CoreTOM for multi-scale micro-CT investigations in earth sciences.