Run More Realistic TEM in situ Studies with the Climate G+ Vaporizer

There is a growing trend towards in situ experimentation, as these types of studies allow researchers to observe how material behave under simulated real world conditions. The newly released DENSsolutions Climate G+ Vaporizer now allows you to better replicate actual service conditions by controlling water vapour content within the reaction chamber inside your TEM.

DENSsolutions-Climate-Vaporizer for ontroducing water vapour into your TEM experiments

The DENSsolutions Climate was already an excellent system that allows you to perform studies into catalysis, nanomaterial growth and corrosion under controlled environments. It achieved this by providing precise and real-time control of gas composition (up to 3 gases), pressure, flow rate and temperature. The addition of the new Vaporizer further extends the systems’ flexibility and applicability by adding water vapour to the mix which helps to more accurately replicate many real operating scenarios. As a new capability, this opens up new research possibilities and publication opportunities.

High purity gases are typically devoid of moisture or water vapour. Many industrial applications take place under ambient conditions that include moisture, which may in turn affect the process. The addition of the new Vaporizer offers control of water vapour pressure (0 to 25mbar) which can affect the activity of catalysts or corrosion of metals, while keeping the TEM chamber unchanged in any way.

The Climate G+ system, making your in situ experiments more accurate, reliable and representative of realistic conditions by allowing you to:

  • Independently control gas parameters – Fine-tune water vapour pressure and be assured it remains steady (0 to 25 mbar)
  • Start new experiments in minutes – water vapour is added to the gas flow from the GSS (Gas Supply System) just before it enters the TEM chamber allowing you to switch between “wet” and “dry” experiments in minutes
  • Safely work with explosive mixtures – this feature unique to the Climate G+ allows you work with both flammable and explosive mixtures thanks to live mixing and minimal internal volume. Now you can add water vapour safely to any of these mixtures.

The Vaporizer is designed for and fully compatible with the Climate G+ product line . From a practical perspective, the hardware, control mechanisms and software seamlessly into each other as if they were there from the beginning!

For more details on how the new Vapriser works, please read the application note on the reconstruction behavior of NiAu bimetallic core-shell nanoparticles, a catalyst system highly selective to CO in CO2 hydrogenation, under a hybrid atmosphere of water and hydrogen. The study reveals the complex influence that water plays.