BIO CELLX – Automated 3D Cell Culture

Automated 3D cell culture simplified

Unlocking simple 3D cell culture automation

  • Cellink Bio cellx biodispenser

    Key Features

    • Unprecedented reproducibility - Across well and constructs
    • Automated onboard cell mixing - Cell suspensions, reagents and bioinks
    • Positive displacement dispensing - Caters for materials of all viscosities
    • Maximise cell viability - Using patent pending cell and bioink mixing
    • Precise temperature control - 0 to 60°C
    • Ease-of-use - Intuitive interface require no coding knowledge

With effortless preparation, the BIO CELLX combines the best in precision liquid handling with CELLINK’s vast biofabrication expertise into a simple to use instrument that allows you to create 3D cell cultures with levels of ease never seen before. The system utilises a unique onboard mixing mechanism allowing you to prepare you cell-laden bioink with the tap of a button. In doing so, it mixes a cell suspension with your desired bioink and neutralising agent (if needed), while at the same time ensuring homogenous cell dispensing.

All operations are performed using CELLINK’s clean chamber technology equipped with HEPA filters and UV sterilisation ensuring a sterile working environment. BIO CELLX also incorporates a lid gripper, nozzle cap removal system and auto calibration as well as nozzle priming and positive displacement extrusion for truly walkaway, automated operation, accelerating your 3D cell culture research and discoveries.


The BIO CELLX is ideally suited to applications including:

  • Migration assays
  • Spheroid development
  • Chemo-attraction assays
  • Biomimetic constructs
  • Cellink BIO CELLX Setting New Standards in 3D Cell Culture Automation

    Run time – 1:11 min

    This short video gives a quick overview of the technology, applications and workflow used in the BIO CELLX.

  • The BIO CELLX Automated Workflow

    Run time – 37 sec

    The simply BIO CELLX workflow outlined in just over 30sec.

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