WEBINAR – Practical Applications of Benchtop NMR Spectroscopy

On-demand webinar

Since their introduction around six years ago, benchtop high resolution NMR spectrometers have grown rapidly in capabilities and performance to the point where they now can perform a significant part of the analytical tasks normally carried out using high field (superconducting) instruments.

Benchtop NMR spectrometers are based around permanent magnets, which do not require liquid cryogens or special facilities. They can therefore be installed in everyday laboratories, close to where the chemistry work is being done. Researchers (and students) can now enjoy easy walk-up access to a high-performance NMR spectrometer, with almost instant results.

In this talk, our Strategic Product Manager Dr. James Sagar will describe the general concept of benchtop NMR spectrometers and then talk about some specific aspects of our X-Pulse broadband instrument. He will cover basic performance using 1-D proton spectra and then go on to talk about more complex features such as broadband capability, 2-D and inverse measurements, diffusion, flow and variable temperature. Finally, James will touch on some specific application examples of the X-Pulse, particularly in the field of battery electrolyte research.

Please join us to find out more about this new and exciting technology.

Presenter – Dr. James Sagar

Strategic Product Manager, Oxford Instruments

A physicist by training, James completed his PhD at the University of York before carrying out postdoctoral research at University College London. James joined Oxford Instruments in 2015 and has held several product management positions with a particular focus on solutions for advanced materials including semiconductors and energy storage. James now leads the product management and applications teams for benchtop NMR.

Oxford Instruments NMR - Dr. James Sagar