Nanolive Launches the 3D Cell Explorer 96focus: A Game-Changing Solution for Label-Free Phenotypic Screening and Analysis

Nanolive, a leading provider of high content label-free live cell imaging and analysis solutions, has announced the launch of the 3D Cell Explorer 96focus, an innovative platform that brings unlimited high content analysis to label-free live cell imaging without the need for labelling. With the aid of AI-powered digital assays and an automated workflow, the 3D Cell Explorer 96focus streamlines the imaging process, offering researchers a cost-effective and reliable means of conducting cell imaging experiments.

Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer 96focus – a new solution high content analysis of live cells.

The 3D Cell Explorer 96focus utilises a label-free technology that enables researchers to observe subcellular features and organelles within live cells in real time, with high contrast and resolution, without the need for staining or toxic contrast agents. The system employs refractive index, a fundamental physical property of biological matter, to provide direct and unbiased biological analysis.

With its 96-well capacity and dynamic high content unbiased data, the 3D Cell Explorer 96focus enables researchers to reduce the number of experiments needed and minimise the use of expensive and precious cell lines and reagents. The automated solution, combined with multiple digital assays, reduces the hands-on time needed to run experiments, thereby maximising research efficiency and increasing translational relevance helping researchers prioritise the most promising candidates for further testing and saving very important costs by reducing time to failure. The platform provides high content, multiplexed, and reliable live cell dynamic data, allowing researchers to visualise and analyse data at the population, single cell, and organelle levels for days at a time. The subcellular resolution is preserved even when imaging a large field of view, ensuring that researchers do not miss any details. The platform’s panel of application-specific, push-button digital assays also enables retroactive analysis at any time.

“We are excited to launch the 3D Cell Explorer 96focus, which represents a major breakthrough in label-free live cell imaging technology,” said Dr. Yann Cotte, CEO of Nanolive. “This platform offers researchers unlimited high content analysis with a streamlined, autonomous workflow. With its long-term monitoring capabilities, high content, multiplexed, and reliable live cell data, and fully integrated cutting-edge digital analytical solutions, the 3D Cell Explorer 96focus will be a game-changer for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.”

Nanolive has developed several digital assays that extract specific metrics from label-free data. In addition to a standard package that automatically detects, segments cells and delivers measurements on cell content, morphology, and distribution, Nanolive offers dedicated packages designed for key research applications, such as cell metabolism, cytotoxicity, and immune-oncology.