Fertilis Use 3D Printed Microfluidic Devices to Improve IVF Success Rates

Fertilis are an Australian-based medtech startup. One of their main focus areas is improving the success rates of IVF via the ICSI processs. This process has not changed much for many years.

The team at Fertilis are pioneering a methodology that reduces stress on the egg during the fertilisation procedure. Key to this is redesigning the environment using a “nest”, a purpose designed microfluidic device, that not only minimises stress on the egg, but also provides a carefully controlled environment for it.

They were able to microfabricate these devices thanks to the UpNano NanoOne 3D printer that uses 2-photon polymerisation technology using resins/inks also supplied by UpNano. While it affords them a far greater resolution, the Fertilis team have been printing devices requiring resolution of the order of 5µm, which they can produce at considerable speed, while the devices themselves also accelerate the fertilisation process for the lab clinicians.

To find out more, watch the recording of a recent presentation given by Adam Blanch from Fertilis.