DENSsolutions Launch Stream – A New Liquid + Heating or Biasing in situ TEM Platforms

DENSsolutions continue to increase the capability of TEMs with their latest in situ TEM platform. Launched at IMC19 – The International Microscopy Congress held in Sydney in September, Stream allows you to observe TEM samples in a controlled liquid environment with the addition of heating or biasing stimuli. This enables researchers to carry out dynamic studies within their existing TEMs and overcomes the need for numerous static experiments.

Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy (LPEM) is becoming an increasingly popular mode of examination for both materials and life scientists. This was reinforced at IMC19, where the Stream display system was inundated with demonstration requests. With applications in areas including energy storage, corrosion, electrochemistry, nanomaterials, cell biology and molecular biology, Stream has wide ranging appeal.

Key to the success of this new product is the purpose designed Nano-Cell. It contains a liquid channel that provides precise control of the liquid flow rate and pressure. With no dead volume within the channel, the sample environment is highly responsive to operator programmed changes. Highly accurate and stable flow rates are achieved using a pressure-based liquid pump that outperforms high end syringe pumps. This all results in you being able to obtain highly reliable data, faster.

The thickness of the liquid at the transparent window is also precisely controlled. This ensures that you are able to capture high resolution and contrast images throughout your experiment.

Stream comes in two variants liquid with heating (room temperature to 100°C) and liquid plus biasing (-10 to +10V). With systems to suit TEMs from Thermo Scientific/FEI and JEOL they have modelssystems to cover most the market.

The modular design of Stream enables owners to upgrade from one variant to the other. The modular design also allows you to quickly change out the liquid flow path tubing if required. This avoids any chance of cross contamination between experiments.

Stream is supplied as a complete “plug and play” package, enabling you to get up and running faster and so you can spend more time designing and running experiments.

Stream and other DENSsolutions in situ TEM platforms are available from AXT and make up part of their extensive microscopy products portfolio.