Advanced SAXS/WAXS for nanostructure analysis

Small angle and wide angle X-ray scattering instrument

  • Key Features

    • High-power point focus X-ray source configured with a high-brilliance, high-power point focus X-ray source,
    • OptiSAXS high-performance multilayer optics customised for the most demanding of SAXS and WAXS applications
    • ClearPinhole high-performance pinhole slits to provide the optimal beam and intensity for SAXS/WAXS
    • HyPix-3000 high-performance 2D HPAD detector high-performance 2D semiconductor detector that enables detecting diffraction and scattering even from anisotropic materials.
    • Superior small angle resolution (Qmin to 0.02 nm-1) surpassed only by the synchrotron


Rigaku NANOPIX SAXS/WAXS measurement system is a new X-ray scattering instrument designed for nano-structure analyses. NANOPIX can be used for both small angle scattering (SAXS) and wide angle scattering (WAXS) measurements, which makes it possible to evaluate multi-scale structures from sub-nanometer to nano-order (0.1 nm to 100 nm). It achieves the highest level of small angle resolution (Qmin to 0.02 nm-1) for a laboratory SAXS instrument.

NANOPIX SAXS/WAXS measurement system is applicable to a variety of materials, such as: solids, liquids, liquid-crystals, or gels (with ordered and disordered structures). Diverse applications include: nano-particle size distribution analyses, three-dimensional protein molecule structure analyses, identification of molecular assembly or disassembly, and research of advanced materials, such as carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP).


    Grazing-Incidence SAXS (GI-SAXS) is a unique tool for characterizing the nanostructural features of materials at surface and interface.

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  • Tensile

    In-situ SAXS and WAXS measurement is a powerful tool for investigating the dynamic behaviors of polymer morphology, phase transition during drawing.

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  • System length

    The system performance is selectable by the target of measurement.

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  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

    DSC is widely used for the determination of thermodynamical states (cf. phase transition, melt/crystallization). Simultaneous measurement of SAXS(WAXS) and DSC is configured.

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  • Temperature and humidity

    Temperature and humidity control unit is a key device for advanced functional materials in the fuel cell, etc.

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