The Ideal MicroCT for Core Facility Labs – Combining Versatility and Performance

Choosing an instrument for a central or core facility lab is always challenging. Catering to the needs of the many normally requires compromises to be made. If you are looking for a new microCT, you may not actually have to compromise!

Ideal MicroCT Checklist

Sub-micron spatial resolution
High temporal resolution
Versatility – caters for a range of different materials
Caters for small and large samples
Can perform dynamic CT studies

TESCAN UniTOM HR checks all the boxes.

TESCAN UniTOM HR high resolution dynamic micro-CT

Performance and Versatility

The TESCAN UniTOM HR offers 600nm spatial resolution with exceptional contrast at much faster speeds than other high- resolution CT’s.

It accommodates up to 3 different detectors for different applications and energy ranges enabling for example large samples (100cm tall x 60cm dia.) with a high energy large area detector and low contrast biological materials with a specialised low energy detector.

With continuous capture <5sec temporal resolution the systems are 4D CT/dynamic CT ready.

metal foram deforming under load observed using computed tomography CT

Scanning Speed in a League of Its Own

Don’t believe us, read the independent paper

Sometimes manufacturers make claims that seem a bit outrageous. Following a thorough review of commercially available high-speed lab-based CT’s by researchers at the University of Warwick (UK), here’s what researchers had to say about the scanning speed of the TESCAN UniTOM:

independent review of CR scanning speed

“The only systems currently available on the market that can seemingly achieve these sorts of speeds are all made by TESCAN that has 4D scanning as their marketed unique selling point.”

University of Warwick researchers

This was in reference to an acquisition time of 9.4sec, which was much faster than the next competitor at 1min.

Read the paper in Measurement Science and Technology

Hear from a Core Facility User

TESCAN UniTOM at KU Leuven

Prof. Martine Wevers and Dr. Jeroen Soete of KU Leuven shares their experience with the TESCAN UniTOM HR high-resolution micro-CT and explains why they believe it is indispensable for materials engineering and more.

Hear about the many and varied applications they are involved with, some that even go beyond materials engineering.