RAEA Amplifier

2018 Platinum innovation award by Laser Focus World.

RAEA is KMLabs’ sub-25 fs, single-box amplifier. It is a fully engineered and integrated commercial source based on a single rugged optomechanical platform with a unique software-tunable repetition rate in order to maximise experiment flexibility

  • Key Features

    • Cryogenic cooling enables highest average powers on the market. KMLabs' patented cryogenically-cooled amplifier technology, allowing for a continuous trade-off between pulse energy and repetition rate flexibility to optimise the laser to utilise its full output power while optimising pulse energy
    • Excellent beam quality. M2 typically 1.1-1.2 with Pulse energies up to 20 mJ and pulse durations of less than 25 fs.
    • Intuitive control GUI. Hands-free, software-based operation including repetition rate adjustments, and real-time power and spectrum monitoring and tuning
    • One-box configuration with integrated pump lasers and oscillator. Provides unprecedented output power for a single-stage Ti:sapphire system

There are four primary factors to take into consideration when buying an ultrafast laser system: power level, repetition rate, energy and pulse duration. The four primary RAEA options are designed to address these requirements.
RAEA HE: designed to maximise pulse energy – offers a lower repetition rate range but with more than double the energy. Options ranging from 1-5 kHz and up to 20 mJ.
RAEA HP: a mid-range option with a wider repetition range than the HE but with more pulse energy than the HR. Options ranging from 5-30 kHz and up to 6 mJ.
RAEA HR: designed with flexibility in mind, this system has the widest range of repetition rates of the systems we offer but with less pulse energy. Options from 30-200 kHz and up to 400 µJ.
Short Pulse Option: a secondary option for the HE and HP systems that provides a shorter pulse from 35 fs down to 25 fs.