Hyperion VUV – vacuum ultraviolet source

Probe material and molecular properties with unprecedented flexibility on ultrafast time scales

KMLabs Hyperion VUV provides bright femtosecond pulses at numerous wavelengths across the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) region, from 6.0 eV (205 nm) to 10.8 eV (115 nm). The discrete tunability of the KMLabs Hyperion VUV vacuum ultraviolet source enables researchers to study a wide range of materials and materials properties

  • KM Labs Hyperion VUV source

    Key Features

    • A simple computer-selected change of photon energy provides a powerful capability, previously only available at a synchrotron that can enhance many experiments. For example, in angle-resolved photoemission (ARPES) experiments, this tunability allows researchers to distinguish surface effects from bulk effects. For time-of-flight (ToF) studies of molecules, the tunability can distinguish otherwise identical isomers
    • Highly focusable - Can be used to reach spot sizes below 10 microns. This ability will allow researchers to examine new types of samples, including materials that are polycrystalline, spatially inhomogeneous, faceted, or simply very small.
    • Application ready - The Hyperion VUV is “application ready,” including the appropriate focusing and beam-steering elements to enable fast integration with experimental apparatus. Importantly, Hyperion VUV can be used with a window between the source and the experimental chamber, guaranteeing that applications demanding ultrahigh vacuum (such as ARPES) will remain contamination-free