Opening New Perspectives with 3D Bioprinting – WEBINAR

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Mauro Petretta, REGENHU Senior Scientific Advisor, will present case studies on how 3D bioprinting, an emerging technology can be used to expand your research scope. His presentation will cover current applications leveraging the accuracy, as well as flexibility and multifunctionality of the latest 3D bioprinting technologies.

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Learn more about :

  • Tissue Models for Drug Discovery
  • Human Tissue for Regenerative Medicine
  • Skin for Therapeutics and In Vitro Models
  • Oral Dose Formulation for Personalized Medicine
  • Medical Devices for Clinical Application
  • Bioink Formulations for Biomedical Research
R-gen-100 desktop bioprinter from Regenhu
regenhu bioprinting stage

Presenter – Mauro Petretta

Senior Scientific Advisor, REGENHU

Mauro holds a masters degree (cum laude) in Biomedical Engineering, He also possesses extensive research experience on tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

His most recent work focuses on polymeric, composite and functionalised biomaterials, cell-laden hydrogels and regeneration of hard and soft tissues. He  also work on innovative bioprinting solutions and new technological advancements in biofabrication field.

Regenhu Mauro petretta bioprinting expert