TESCAN Announces Their New Nanomanipulator for Lift-Out and Manipulation Applications Performed in TESCAN SEM and FIB-SEM Instruments

TESCAN Nanomanipulator is designed specifically for TESCAN SEM and FIB-SEM instruments to provide users with a reduced vibration solution that also provides the advantage of full compatibility with TESCAN microscope operation software.

TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING a.s. announces the release of their Nanomanipulator, a fully integrated solution that supports lift-out as well as micro- and nanoscale manipulation under both room temperature and cryo conditions, on TESCAN SEM and FIB-SEM instruments. TESCAN Nanomanipulator is an excellent solution for TEM lamella lift-out, manipulation for prototyping and local charge dissipation applications that don’t also require sample rotation or advanced manipulation capabilities. TESCAN’s design reduces vibration during lift-out or manipulation for smooth and predictable movement.

New nanomanipulator from TESCAN to suit their FIB-SEMs
TESCAN nanomanipulator delivers smooth amd predictable movement essential for in situ TEM lamella liftout.

“Because this solution was designed within TESCAN and specifically for TESCAN instruments, we are able to control the quality of the final product, assure its compatibility with other hardware and software present on the system, and also test it on the instrument before delivery,” states Lukáš
Hladík, Product Manager for FIB-SEM portfolio for Semiconductor market segment. “We believe our users whose needs don’t require complex lift-out and manipulation will appreciate the choice to have our Nanomanipulator on their system.”

TESCAN Nanomanipulator provides movement along the X, Y and Z axes. Controlled directly from a module within TESCAN’s Essence microscope operation software, Nanomanipulator operation is performed without leaving the microscope live view window, using mouse gestures for navigation.

Some common applications for TESCAN Nanomanipulator include TEM lamella lift-out, micro or nano manipulation for prototyping applications, precise Si mask placement within the TESCAN TRUE-X sectioning method for curtaining suppression at very high Plasma-FIB milling rates and localised charge dissipation.

TESCAN Nanomanipulator is also designed for fast and easy probe exchange with a nanomanipulator arm that can unmounted from inside the chamber for the probe tip exchange.