Rigaku’s New MiniFlex XpC is Ideally Suited to Routine Quality Control Operations

Rigaku Corporation are proud to unveil their new MiniFlex XpC X-ray diffractometer (XRD) at the prestigious JASIS analytical instruments tradeshow in Chiba, Japan. The MiniFlex XpC has been optimised for high-throughput quality control applications in industrial environments, bringing lab quality performance to the manufacturing floor. Primarily designed for the cement industry, it is also suited for applications in pharmaceuticals, batteries and production of other materials where it can be integrated into online production workflows.

Rigaku MiniFlex XpC high throughput XRd for quality control
The new Rigaku MiniFlex XpC XRD for routine quality control operations.

To meet the demands of quality control in industry, the MiniFlex XpC provides rapid and accurate analyses, quickly identifying variations in composition. This allows you to make corrections and refinements to your production workflow ensuring consistent product quality. Speedy analysis is made possible by combining a specifically designed X-ray source and large area, high-speed detector, while other patented innovations culminate in data quality superior to larger systems.

Operation of the MiniFlex XpC is simplified with the introduction of the EasyX user interface, a streamlined workflow for QC and other routine operations. EasyX is built on the same comprehensive SmartLab Studio II platform that powers Rigaku’s most sophisticated XRDs and requires just 3 clicks to measure and analyze samples. This makes it easy for even new users to be able to use the system competently. EasyX can be accessed via the optional touchscreen interface and can be set up with pass/fail evaluation.

The MiniFlex XpC can also be automated through the use of a sample loading robot or conveyor belt. It can also be integrated with other complimentary technologies such as XRF for more comprehensive analyses.

Toshiyuki Ikeda, President and CEO of Rigaku said, “The MiniFlex XpC is a manufacturing-optimised powder diffractometer for fast and accurate quality control measurements. Using the latest developments and lessons learned from class-leading products like the Rigaku SmartLab, this compact XRD offers unrivalled performance and ease-of-use.”

During the development and evaluation of the MiniFlex XpC, it was tested at cement plants across Japan where it provided rapid and accurate quantitative analysis including determination of major components. The feedback was overwhelming, with all beta testers agreeing that the system delivers quality test results quickly, making it a valuable addition to their QC operation and a beneficial addition to their process.

For more details on the MiniFlex XpC, please visit https://www.rigaku.com/products/xrd/xpc or speak to your local Rigaku representative.