AXT Targets Stem Cell Researchers with Solutions from StemBioSys

AXT is pleased to announce it has further enhanced its cellular research product portfolio through the addition of stem cell solutions from StemBioSys. The recently signed agreement will see AXT distribute StemBioSys’ unique solutions to researchers in Australia and New Zealand.

Stem cells cultured on StemBiosys CELLvo Matrix.

StemBioSys is a US-based company that specialises in producing human derived stem cell products. With a range of human cell-lines and derived matrix, StemBioSys products are used to more accurately mimic the in vivo physiological conditions during in vitro cell culture.  

StemBioSys currently carries two broad product ranges CELLvo™ Matrix and CELLvo™ cells.

CELLvo™ Matrix is the only commercially available substrate that aims to recapitulate biochemical as well as structural and mechanical cues of the native niche by leaving the extracellular matrix intact. Completely Cell-derived this matrix creates a biologically-relevant culture environment in vitro for a variety of cell types by providing all the cues cells expect to receive in vivo. For researchers, this means that the response of cells to experimental variables can be directly assessed eliminating complicating effects induced by standard in vitro culture conditions.

CELLvo™ cells maintain a far more natural phenotype compared to standard derived cells and are  cultured and isolated using the physiologically relevant Cellvo Matrix technology. A range of cell types are currently offered. These are early-passage and have xeno-free versions where possible. All cells are sourced from young, healthy tissue and have never seen plastic ensuring customers top quality cells. StemBioSys® are committed to continual improvement and are continuing to bring new cell products to the market.

StemBioSys President & CEO Bob Hutchens said, “Australia and New Zealand are leading areas in cell research, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to gain meaningful access to this market though our partnership with AXT. AXT is a recognized life science tool company with deep technical expertise. AXT carries a full range of complementary products and we are very excited to announce them as our new distributor in these markets. We believe that this will be a great partnership for AXT, StemBioSys and for researchers in Australia and New Zealand.”

Richard Trett, Managing Director of AXT, said, “Australia is a leading light in medical research. Stem Cell research is a key area of development that holds great potential for many areas such as genetics and drug development. We are excited to be able to extend our range of tools that can assist with their ground-breaking work”.

StemBioSys CELLvo Matrix and CELLvo Cells will complement other AXT cell-related products lines such the Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer holotomographic microscope, sample management solutions from TTPLabtech and organ-on-a-chip systems from CN Bio Innovations. For more details, click here.