TESCAN Introduce Imaging Technology with Resolution Down to 0.7nm

TESCAN is proud to announce the launching of the second generation of its ultra-high resolution electron column. The new column achieves superb ultra-high resolution without any compromises: 0.7 nm at 15 keV and 1 nm at 1 keV.

Equipped with newly designed and innovative electron optics as well as an advanced and robust detection system, the new column provides scientists and technologists with ultimate surface sensitivity and outstanding contrast at low beam energies. This enables them to resolve nano-sized features of samples that are beam high-sensitive or non-conductive.

The column excels across the whole range of accelerating voltages, however, the highlight is the ultimate resolution at low beam energies which makes this new column ideal for imaging beam sensitive materials such as low-k dielectric materials, photoresists, non-conductive materials and, uncoated, fully hydrated biological specimens. In addition, the analytical potential has been significantly improved for excellent performance in the field-free mode.