Versatile, fully-customisable bioprinting platform

  • Medicine is evolving and those at the frontline who are pushing boundaries, making remarkable discoveries and changing lives, need the right tools and support to take them into the future.

    As a Swiss Med Tech company, REGENHU’s mission is to enable their users to reach the next level in their work, goals and ambitions. This is why they focus on creating bioprinting instruments to help them do just that.

    REGENHU’s customer-focused approach, visionary outlook, advanced instruments and user-friendly software helps them perform tasks with accuracy and repeatability and are at the heart of everything they do.

    REGENHU are an ambitious, passionate and driven team that is building research instruments for their customers today, with a view of creating tools that will provide their manufacturing needs of the future. They are already engaged in building these future generation bioprinting instruments alongside their new SHAPER software, which is specifically configured for biofabrication and manufacturing the future of medicine.

    Together with their users, they are shaping the future of medicine today.