Make tissues real

  • Poietis is a biotechnology company ­specialized in the development and manufacturing of ­human tissues by 4D bioprinting. Since its ­inception in 2014 the company has been ­developing ­physiological models, particularly in partnership with the world’s leading ­pharmaceutical and cosmetic groups. ­Poietis markets Poieskin®, the first commercial ­bio-printed human tissue.

    On the basis of its expertise in bioprinting ­technologies and in particular high resolution ­laser bioprinting, Poietis has also developed the ­multimodal bioprinting platform NGB (« Next ­Generation Bioprinting »). NGB platform aims to give ­tissue engineers and researchers ­greater ­freedom in the choice of biomaterials and ­hydrogels and ­greater versatility in their research and ­development.