Science is all about reliable data; we help you with reliable samples

  • The huge potential for productivity improvement in the life sciences industry triggered the foundation of LabTIE in 2014 . Their first ever product, the innovative 96-well Ball/Bead Dispenser, increased productivity by at least 75-fold. This was soon followed by the world’s first seed drop dispenser and in 2015 the development of the C. elegans Synchronizer was started and introduced at the EMBO convention in Barcelona, 2018.

    Although initially catering for the life science community, LabTIE has now became a popular brand in other fields such as chemical, agriculture & food and across various universities, commercial research organizations, government agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotechnology researchers, and many more. LabTIE’s non-exclusion policy and always welcoming capacity, explores opportunities with those who wish to work with their products.

    Therefore, LabTIE always welcomes challenges that are in need of a solution; it is what makes LabTIE who they are.