Delivering Novel tools for metal additive manufacturing

  • AMAZEMET (founded in 2019) is a spin-off from Warsaw University of Technology, that has successfully transferred ultrasonic atomisation, along with expertise in automated support removal, into state-of-the-art laboratory equipment that are part of its portfolio. The focus of the company is to provide laboratory-scale units for the in-house manufacturing of powders with a tailored chemical composition that is suitable for rapid prototyping of custom alloys using commonly available metal 3D printers.

    The company also develops post-processing solutions such as affordable high-vacuum laboratory furnaces and instruments for automated support removal and surface finishing. In line with the company’s origins and the seven PhD students on its board, AMAZEMET maintains a strong connection with academic researchers by participating in collaborative research activities focused on developing new materials for AM, and partnering in projects, such as EIC Pathfinder,, Horizon 2020 and ESA.