Rigaku Launches the SmartLab SE Multipurpose X-ray Diffractometer with Built-in Intelligent Guidance

Rigaku Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the Rigaku SmartLab SE system, a highly versatile multipurpose X-ray diffractometer with built-in intelligent guidance.

The SmartLab® SE system offers continued refinement of the ease-of-use features that enabled the original SmartLab diffractometer to receive the coveted R&D 100 Award in 2006: automatic alignment, component recognition, cross beam optics and a 2D detector.

Award-winning guidance software recognizes installed components and seamlessly integrates them into data collection and data analysis methods. The cross beam optics module offers permanently mounted, permanently aligned and user selectable optical geometries for various diffraction experiments. As an example, one can choose a Bragg-Brentano and parallel beam combination for measurements of both powders and thin films without the need for instrument reconfiguration. One could also choose a Bragg-Brentano and focusing transmission combination to measure organic materials in both transmission and reflection modes.

The SmartLab SE system further extends application capability with the next-generation HyPix™-400 2D detector. This hybrid pixel array detector offers the highest resolution and count rates available today. It is manufactured and fully integrated into the SmartLab SE system by Rigaku and, as such, offers the superior ease of use pioneered by Rigaku in the original SmartLab diffractometer. The SmartLab SE system configured with a HyPix-400 detector operates in 0D, 1D, and 2D modes without the need to exchange the detector.

Posted April 3, 2017

Rigaku Smartlab SE XRD diffractometer
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