New Compact Single-Cell Bioprinter form Fluicell – Biopixlar AER

Today, Fluicell launches their second single-cell 3D-bioprinter, Biopixlar® AER.  Biopixlar® AER is a groundbreaking compact 3D bioprinter that lets you create detailed biological tissues with high precision. With Biopixlar® AER, Fluicell has created the world’s first microfluidic high-precision bioprinter that fits inside a standard flow hood or biosafety cabinet. Biopixlar AER is designed with automation and easy workflow integration in mind and brings the Biopixlar technology to new customer segments.

Fluicell Biopixlar AER single cell bioprinter

With Biopixlar® AER, Fluicell has succeeded in creating the first automated and high-resolution system for bioprinting single cells that is also compact enough to fit into a regular biosafety cabinet. The instrument brings the same high-resolution Biopixlar® bioprinting technology with single-cell resolution that the Company’s customers are used to, but in a compact and portable format that meets market demand for customizable platforms, tailored to today’s laboratory environment.

Fluicell has developed Biopixlar® AER in line with the Company’s long-term strategy to push the boundaries of what is possible in medical research and drug development by combining high performance bioprinting with flexibility and adaptability. The instrument comes equipped with several user-friendly features that makes it easy to integrate in laboratory workflows in combination with other biological and medical practices. The combination of compactness, ease of use and remote control makes the platform attractive for use in demanding environments, for example in the space industry and in deep-sea research.

Fluicell Biopixlar compact single cell bioprinter

As part of the development work, the performance and user experience of Biopixlar AER has been tested in research laboratories at Karolinska Institutet, among others.

CEO Victoire Viannay comments:
“With Biopixlar® AER, we have reached a new important milestone and we can now offer a pioneering product, fully tailored to meet current and future needs in the rapidly accelerating life science and research sector.  Biopixlar® AER has been developed by Fluicell’s R&D department under the leadership of CTO Gavin Jeffries and is a result of our targeted innovation-work focusing on the desire among researchers for compact and easily integrated bioprinting platform that can offer the same high resolution as our other Biopixlar® instruments. With this new platform within the Biopixlar® family, we now have a product range that can meet future needs in healthcare and at the same time lets us target new and exciting customer segments.”

Comment from Oscar Jungholm, Joseph Bruton and Kent Jardemark. Department of physiology and pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet:
“We consider Biopixlar AER to be a truly remarkable innovation, which is easy to install and handle via its multi-modal control system. This novel platform enables a broad spectrum of new experimental approaches, such as studies of molecular uptake into cells, advanced electrophysiological recordings via calcium-imaging, and studies of cell communication and signaling. Indeed, the Biopixlar AER is also well adapted for precise or local administration of drugs to cells, enabling advanced pharmacological studies.”