TESCAN CLARA: Ideal for imaging of life science samples also in cryo conditions

  • Introduction

    With life science research development and its efforts to reveal more and more ultrastructural detail, imaging methods need to cover a broad spectra of demanding applications. Recent investigations of cell morphology, development of biocompatible materials, tissue engineering research, microbiology, pharmacology, food and cosmetic studies rely on advanced imaging techniques. The dominant characteristic features for the majority of life-science specimens are their high water content, non-conductivity and sensitivity tothe electron beam.

    TESCAN develops and manufactures state-of-the-art scanning electron microscopes (SEM) designed to fit the needs of numerous life science applications. Using TESCAN CLARA equipped with field emission Schottky cathode, BrightBeam™ column and a powerful and versatile detection system, the investigation of detailed morphological structures as well as the ultrastructure of non-conductive biological specimens has become a straightforward procedure. Even with extremely low accelerating voltages and beam currents, fine structures of delicate specimens can be visualized. When equipped with cryo workflow, TESCAN CLARA represents a state-of-the-art scanning electron microscope for everyday experiments in life science laboratories.